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10 Of The Best Internet Reaction’s To Justin Bieber’s DUI (PHOTOS)

When Justin Bieber got arrested the internet went CRAZY with hilarious Bieber DUI Memes, jokes and photoshop’s. It turns out there aren’t that many Belibers out there!

We look at the 10 best internet reactions batboy Bieber’s DUI:

10. ‘Way to go Florida’

Justin Bieber DUI Meme

9. “There is no Bieber, only Zuul.”

Justin Bieber DUI Meme

8. ‘The Poster Boy For Proactiv’

Justin Bieber Proactiv Meme

7. ‘Separated at Birth?’

Justin Bieber DUI Meme

6. Because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

Justin Bieber arrest meme

5. ‘Afternoon Delight’ – The Channel 4 News Team Rejoice!

bieber dui meme

4. Breaking News: First picture from Justin Bieber’s high speed chase last night

bieber dui meme

3. Celebrity Friends! Yay!

bieber dui meme

2. Even Harry Potter Had A Dig…

bieber dui meme

1. ‘Breaking – on the scene of Justin Bieber’s Florida arrest’

Justin Bieber DUI meme





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