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10 Collectible Muscle Cars You Can Afford: They’re Not *All* $3.5M Corvettes

It’s mind-boggling. You sit there for hours, watching middle-aged guys in Hawaiian shirts and big watches bid stupid money on muscle cars on the myriad cable channels that broadcast collector-car auctions these days. Crappy models that were being swapped amongst migrant farm workers a decade ago for tens of dollars go for high five-figures now. And the good stuff is all over $100K. The great stuff? That’s in the millions: A 1967 L88 Corvette went for $3.5 million at Barrett-Jackson—before all the fees that make founder Craig Jackson wealthy. So it’s safe to say that you probably can’t afford the classic muscle car of your dreams. (What are you going to do with a $3.5 million Corvette anyway? Drive it?) READ MORE ››

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