10 Exciting Cars To Watch Out For In 2013

In the past few years the UK car industry has seen some of its all-time lows and highs. With rising car ownership costs and growing concerns over environmental impact, according to industry experts, 2013 will be generally powered by functionality, downsizing and fuel economy trends. Will this projection come true or not, only the time will show. Carhoots decided to find out what 10 exciting cars we should look forward to being released in 2013.



After a successful run as an official fleet supplier for the last year’s Olympics in London, BMW is starting New Year with a launch of this beautifully looking 6 – Series Gran Coupe.

The goal of the Bavarian car maker is to make this a direct rival to Mercedes CLS – Class and Porsche Panamera. The prices for this model will start at around £61,000.



The all new Veloster Turbo, which South – Koreans aim to offer as their alternative to a VW Scirocco, looks great. Not 100% sure though about those back doors, which appear to me like been borrowed from a 4 – door Honda Civic.

The car comes with 1.6L, obviously, turbocharged engine which produces a respectable 184bhp. Not bad, for a car that simultaneously can do up to 40mpg. To be bluntly honest with you, I would rather have a Volkswagen.

Hyundi -Veloster Turbo


Sticking with a compact theme, the 4th generation of Clio is promised to hit the showrooms in February. This cute little hatchback has received a serious facelift, which I really like. It has certainly helped the little guy to rediscover its ‘va va voom’.

It will be priced between £10,959 – £16,095 with a basic model having Bluetooth and USB connectivity, electric windows, cruise control and Renault’s clever keyless entry as standard.

 Renault -Clio


The French manufacturer has made a decision to tackle the crossover market. Following the incredible success of Nissan Juke, Peugeot is launching a 2008 model. Although, for now, it will only be produced with front – wheel drive, Peugeot has given it the Grip Control system, which it shares with 3008 model.

As with its styling, I will leave it to your personal judgement. Peugeot claim that: “headlights act with the bodywork to given the outline appearance of a cat’s pupil”. What do you think?





Now, let’s see what my favourite car manufacturer has in-store for us. In 2013 Mercedes are releasing their next generation S – Class. The revolutionary design on this latest version looks amazing. This luxurious sedan will be powered by Mercedes brand new MoVe engines that will be able to sprint from 0 – 62mph in less than 6 seconds.

Can’t wait to see this gorgeous car dressed in AMG and Brabus attire.

Mercedes -S-class 


As we are talking about luxury sedans, I feel it is my duty to mention this classy looking XTS model. In my view, Cadillac is the only American brand that knows how to create truly luxurious vehicles.

For example, the XTS will be available in Base, Luxury, Premium and Platinum trims. All 4 editions will come with full leather interior, Bose branded audio system and 8 – inch touchscreen.


 Cadillac -XTS



Moving on! Recently, this British car maker has been on ‘the roll’. Incredible designs of XF and XJ models will be pretty hard to beat. However, Jag has come up with something new. It is going to be called the F – type.

It should be available in your local dealership around the summer time, but if you would like, you can pre-order one with prices starting at £58,500. The F-type will be equipped with either supercharged V6 or V8. With a top end engine able to produce an impressive 186mph.

Jaguar -F-type



Think it is time to look at something sporty from Asia. It has been a while since Subaru has impressed us. Don’t you think so? Well, the wait is over. The new BRZ model, which is based on a new Toyota 86 will be available to us this summer.

With its light weight body, superb rear – wheel – drive and Boxer engine (The Ward’s 10 Best Engine Award) under the bonnet it is guaranteed to get you excited. On top of that, with prices starting at just £24,995 it also represents a good value for money.

   Subaru BRZ


Surprising or not, Lamborghini too decided to join the luxury sedan shop shelves. Their proposed Estoque, which means ‘a matador’s sword’, is going to combine Lambo’s awesome power with four door luxury. Under its hood will be hidden 5.2L V10 monster, which is promised to deliver 560bhp.

Even though, the exact price and release date has not been confirmed yet, I would keep a close eye on this one.

 Lamborghini -Estoque


And as ever, I have saved the best, for last. Tesla Motors a Silicon – Valley based car design and manufacturing company has already demonstrated us what they are capable of. So this autumn they are releasing Model S, a fully electric luxury sedan. It uses zero petrol, but has 416bhp, reaches 62mph in 4.4 seconds and will do approximately 265 miles on a full charge.

A clear American competitor to German 5 – Series Beemer, E – Class Merc and Audi A6

Tesia -Model -S

Which car are you excited to see this year? If you could pick one form this list, which would it be?

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By Stas R.

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