The New Ford Fiesta ST 2013

The New Ford Fiesta ST 2013
Since the Ford Fiesta bestseller was released in 2008, the powerful minicar has swept the nation and now everyone, including us here at Carhoots, is getting excited about the new, bolder, more advanced Ford Fiesta ST due on sale in 2013.

As expected and hoped for, the new Fiesta is still going to be one of the most thrilling and fun minicars out there. With Fords reputation for building great-handling cars, the Fiesta ST definitely steps up to the challenge. The 1.6-litre Ecoboost engine can allow the small car to reach 62mph in less than seven seconds. There is a range of other powerful yet fuel-efficient engines for both petrol and diesel available too. Moreover, a new hi-tech smart info system is installed in the car which helps you drive more efficiently. The Fiesta has been known for being a good value car; starting at £9,795 the car is still lower than its main rival VW Polo GTI. We feel the Fiesta successfully provides a harmonizing balance of performance, economy and low emissions.

The Ford Fiesta has already been given multiple design awards, for its dynamic, striking style and sophisticated and detailed interior. The new Fiesta is even more innovative and distinctive. With a range of new features that add to the cars trademark style and enhance the Fiesta driving experience. Here we’ve decided to name a few cool hi-tech features of the car that stand out:

No rummaging for keys, the Fiesta senses where they are and unlocks itself when you are near. The engine can then be started with the push of a button – effortless!

The Bluetooth voice control installed can be used for almost everything, making calls, picking music to listen to…

Electric Power-Assisted Steering (EPAS) that provides greater maneuverability and control as it automatically adjusts steering to suit the situation.

Great for listening to music with the high quality Sony DAB audio system, and easy-to-use USB port for connectivity.

Rear view camera and sensors to make driving and parking safer and easier.

Safety is actually an important thing to bring up, as the Fiesta despite being such a small car is in fact an incredibly safe car! With technology such as the Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) which constantly monitors the car’s conditions, it has been awarded a 5 star Euro NCAP for adult occupant safety, 4 stars for child protection and 3 stars (out of 4) for pedestrian protection.

 If you’d like to get a better look at the new Fiesta ST then we’d recommend you check out the 360 view of the car here The streamlined, “kinetic design” and shape of the car was intended by the creators to make the car seem as if it is moving even when stationary. Have a look!

Ford -Fiesta _ST Rear View

By Sarah L


Written by Lewis Shaw

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