The 5 Types Of Vintage Vehicle Owners

5 types of vintage car owner

Cherished motors and classic cars come in all shapes, sizes and ages. From Ford Model Ts to VW Camper Vans, whatever the vintage vehicle, there’s someone who wants to collect it.

And or every classic vehicle, there’s a classic vehicle owner. Here’s a light-hearted look at some of the different types. Can you spot anyone you know?

The Restorer

Vintage E-Type Jaguar

Whether it’s an E-type they’ve fixed from the chassis up, or a Triumph Spitfire that they’ve rescued from the wreckers yard; the restorer’s loving repairs have turned has-been motors into roadworthy works of art.

For the restorer, the fun is all in the detail. They’ve got oil under their fingertips and an address book full of names of parts suppliers. All that tinkering and polishing isn’t for the money, it’s for the love of engineering.

When they’re not found lying under their latest project in a pair of grimy overalls, restorers can be found at the Beaulieu
National Motor Museum
or the Haynes Motor Museum, searching for inspiration for future projects.

The Collector

Vintage Lamborghini

Do you have a vast private garage full of some of the world’s most expensive cars?

Does your inventory include Bugattis, Ferraris, Porches and Lamborghinis? If it does, then you are a collector.

The collector has lots of cars and, even more importantly, lots of money. After all, it costs a princely sun to own just one their vehicles, let a lone a whole scuderia. And that’s without factoring in running costs, suitable storage and the small matter of insuring each and every other collectable motor.

Celebrity collectors include Jamiroquai’s Jay Kay, fashion designer Ralph Lauren and US TV host Jay Leno. Jay Leno has so many cars that he has created a website devoted to his full collection.

Read more about some celebrity collectors and their mouth-watering vintage vehicle collections.

The Perfectionist

Ferris Buellers Ferrari 250

It’s quality not quantity here that’s important. The perfectionist may not own the most expensive car in the world, or even the rarest, but you can be sure that their vehicle will be kept in pristine condition. Housed in a heated, carpeted garage, the perfectionist’s vehicle looks better now than the day it rolled off the garage forecourt.

Think Cameron Frye’s Dad in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. The perfectionist rarely drives their vehicle for fear of ruining
it. Instead they keep it under lock and key in museum-like perfection. Only running the engine to tune it, or perhaps to let lucky visitors have a listen.

The Competitor


Do you like to put your Alfa Spider or cherished Mini Cooper through its paces? Do you compete against other classic car owners and push your vintage vehicle to

its limits? If you do, you’re a competitor.

Simply cruising from London to Brighton isn’t enough for the competitor; they want a challenge that proves their vehicle’s mettle. That could mean competing in classic car rallies, or taking part in overland challenges in exotic locations.


Fancy seeing what your classic vehicle is capable of? Get more details from:

The Carhooter


Whether they own a Morris Minor or a classic Bentley, the Carhooter enjoys sharing their passion on and offline. On sunny Sundays they a jaunt through the countryside together, followed by the chance to share vintage anecdotes and
instagrammed snaps on Carhoot.

The Carhooter craves the fun and social side of vehicle ownership. Their car is as much a way to make friends and get out and about as it is a means of transport. And whilst there may be some element of competition involved, it’s the taking part and the camaraderie that’s more important.

Do you want to start socialising more with your vintage vehicle? Why not join the Carhoots community? @carhootsapp

Written by Lewis Shaw

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