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Singing At The Gas Station – Leno’s ‘Tonight Show’ Prank Goes Viral | (VIDEO)

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If you haven’t seen The Leno gas station prank yet then here is your chance! It is what the world has been talking about all weekend as Will Sims and wife Monifa shoot to fame with their hilarious viral prank by the “Tonight Show.”

This wasn’t your standard visit to the gas station…After discovering that his “target” seemed like a good singer, the faux-host offered Sims a free tank of gas if he sang some karaoke well enough.

Sims said that he was an “80s kid” so he started singing Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer” in the middle of this gas station. He was pretty amazing, too!

During the segment, his wife Monifa is seen cracking up in the passenger seat of their car, clearly aware of the prank that is happening to her husband. The anchor asks Will to bring his wife out for a duet but will responds, “Nah, I’ll leave her in there.”

As promised, the Sims get a free tank of gas, which prompts Will to sing the impromptu lyrics “livin’ on the gas!”

Monifa finally makes her way out and after a brief interaction with another gas station customer decides she is ready to sing. She wows Leno’s audience and the fake anchor with a rendition of “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics. Will even joins in after a few lines to make it a duet.

Leno couldn’t have had a better couple for this prank! Good singers, good dancers, great personalities and a great fun! This is absolutely awesome…

You can see why this has taken the Internet by storm this weekend can’t you? It certainly had us in stitches! Leno was so impressed he actually invited the Sims onto his show to let them sing, simply because they were an awesome couple…

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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