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Pagani Zonda Revolution: First Look

Pagani Zonda Revolution or should we say ‘Revolucion’ (spanish!) has been revealed. Carhoots take a first look at the ultimate 790bhp Zonda.

Behold, what is the end of an era. The amazing Pagani Zonda with its screaming engine and stunning attention to detail has been around since 1999, hard to believe isn’t it? Over the past fourteen years, it would seem as though there’s been at least a billion different wonderfully mad limited edition Zonda’s, each more mental than the last. But, this Zonda Revolution really is the last ever Zonda. And it’s going out with a monumental bang.


Remember the Zonda R? That scary fast, Nurburgring demolishing, bare carbon bodied spaceship? Well, this is a bit like that, but er, ever more so. For starters the 6.0liter naturally aspirated V12 has been fed some more steroids to produce no less than 800hp. Eight-hundred horsepower, from an engine with no turbo’s, superchargers or VTEC kicking in, yo, in a road car! It’s amazing.


Thanks to all that clever carbotanium, a material so exotic it makes us go weak at the knee’s just thinking about it, the Revolution weighs just 1070kg, giving it a truly stratospheric power to weight ratio of over 747hp per ton. Bonkers.


The Revolution weighs less, and has more power than the Zonda R that lapped the Nurbugring in a physics bending 6 minutes 47 seconds. So while Pagani haven’t released any performance figures yet, we’d say it should be able to fend off a tarted up Saxo. Or a Bugatti.


Pagani have tinkered with the Zonda’s six-speed sequential gearbox which now shifts in a very swift twenty milliseconds. The Zonda R’s wild aerodynamic features have also been given a tweak, with a new set of deflectors up front and vertical stabilizer at the rear being added to the complete Revolation. There’s also a drag reduction system, or DRS in F1 speak, which is operated via a button on the steering wheel to maximize straight-line performance without sacrificing cornering down force. Very racey.


The Zonda Revolution is otherworldly cool, completely bonkers and face alteringly quick, probably. It’s a fitting send off for the legendary Zonda, a beast which will remain a supercar icon for a very long time. Problem is, you or I can’t really have one because Pagani is asking £1.8million and all five of these monsters are more than likely spoken for.


By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)


Written by Lewis Shaw

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