Justin Bieber Hit and Run Caught On Camera | (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber ArrestedJustin Bieber has been cleared of any wrong doing after his hit and he has been caught on camera driving into a paparazzi before speeding off in a hit and run incident!

Bieber always seems to be in the news when it comes to his bad driving behaviour and outrageous cars. He apparently ran up six speeding charges while in Dubai a couple of months ago while he has been getting a lot of attention for his leopard print Audi R8 stateside.

This time though his hit and run felony that had been caught on camera could have landed him in real trouble with the police, though the feds have apparently cleared Biebs of any wrong doing!

Justin was leaving the Laugh Factory on Sunset Boulevard in LA at around 11:45 PM in his infamous white Ferrari, with his friend Lil Twist was there as a passenger. Granted, most would say that the paparazzi had it coming to him after refusing to move out of the way of a moving car, and it looked like he completely made the most of the whole thing. We don’t know if there are any serious injuries to the photographer, but with Bieber being cleared by the police we expect not! Lucky Bieber!

Check out the video…

What do you guys think? Is Bieber in the wrong?

Written by Lewis Shaw

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