Top ‘Viral’ Car Videos Of The Week – Episode 15

Jaguar CX-75 PrototypeIn this weeks Carhoots top viral car videos; some boffins talk Jaguar CX-75, the RUSH movie featurette , XCAR drive the Morgan Aero Coupe and a Caterham Supersport, plus, we preview TopGear series 20. It’s a bit British this week.


5. The Jaguar CX-75 Prototype

Veyron performance, the range of a Chevrolet Volt, and the CO2 emissions of a Prius. Quite simply, the Jaguar CX-75 is the most technologically advanced road car ever conceived. The CX-75 is a fascinating thing, it produces an astounding 500 plus brake horsepower from a 1.6liter petrol engine which is combined a pair of electric motors to deliver a total power output of over 800hp.

When the CX-75 was originally designed, Formula One was about to announce a change to four-cylinder 1.6liter engines (just like that Jag’s) but at the last minute they decided on six-cylinders because of the sound quality. Quite frankly, we reckon this CX-75 sounds epic, and in terms of engine design, it’s light-years ahead of anything else, including next years F1 cars.

I also love how in this video the Jaguar boffins talk about the CX-75 as though it was a bit of a wild mentalist that needed to be chained up in order to stop it from destroying everything (except the environment), but in the end became a hero. As you’d imagine, I could blabber on about the CX-75 for decades, but we must move on to….


4. The RUSH Featurette

We’ve discussed this film on Carhoots before and it promises to be a stonking movie capturing the days of Formula One racing when it was all about Niki Lauda and James Hunt. When “sex was safe and driving was dangerous”. The film, directed by Ron Howard, uses quotes from the men themselves back when F1 racing was truly terrifying and a heroic art to really depict the era just as it was. We cannot wait to see the film in September.


3. Morgan Aero Coupe: Street Theatre – XCAR

It’s a gorgeous thing to behold, people stare at it, they whip their camera phones out to photograph it, they drool over its voluptuous curves, they love it. And how could you not? The Morgan Aero Coupe is a stunning piece of British artwork, it’s classic but modern, it sounds like thunder, and is quite fast. And our buddies from XCAR Films got to drive it!


2. British Grand Prix: London City Circuit or Silverstone? – XCAR

Yep, it’s another XCAR video, what can we say? They make awesome films about cars. This one takes a look at what could be the really awesome London City F1 Grand Prix circuit. What better car to drive along the suggested circuit than a Caterham Supersport?


1. Top Gear Series 20 Launch Trailer

Incase you’ve been living under a rock, or in a cave, or on Mars, or in total oblivion; there’s a new series of TopGear commencing this Sunday (the 30th)! Here’s a taste of what’s in stall.


By Aiden Taylor (@AidenT_RD)


Written by Lewis Shaw

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