Breaking Bad ‘meets’ Need for Speed Mashup Trailer Goes Viral (VIDEO)

Breaking bad - Need for speed*spoiler alert* Breaking Bad’ meets ‘Need for Speed’: Watch the trailer for ‘Jesse’s Revenge’…

Exciting news! The Need For Speed movie starring Aaron Paul from the badass smash hit series, Breaking Bad, hits cinemas soon. And after seeing the high octane trailer (see here) in the Carhoots office we got more than a little excited about this supercar extravaganza.
Considering that Aaron Paul’s next project is the car-racing film, Need for Speed, we can appreciate the irony of Jesse’s last moment on screen during the unforgettable Breaking Bad series finale being him behind the wheel of a fast car.
However, some Breaking Bad fanboys appreciate the irony a little more than others, like Slacktory, who took the time to create a movie trailer mashup to ‘beat all mashups’ and has appropriately named it ‘Jesse’s Revenge.’
Watch the cool fanboy’s trailer below and tell us what you think:
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Written by Lewis Shaw

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