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Top Viral Car Videos Of The Week – Episode 28

Chevy Camaro Z28 Tested Against Mustang Boss 302

In this week’s Carhoots top ‘viral’ car videos; David Coulthard and Chris Harris slowly drive around the Nurburgring, XCAR drive Ford GT cars, Walter Röhrl frightens a lady, Chevy show off a little and a man breakdances.

Racing a Mercedes 220 Fintail Sedan at the Nürburgring with David Coulthard — /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

Formula One driver, David Coulthard, and avid applier of opposite lock, Chris Harris, take to the Nurburgring to race and eventually break, a very large, very heavy, and very slow Mercedes racing car. If Clarkson, Hammond and May ever retire, these two chaps need to replace them!

Ford GT40, GT70 and GT: Five Decades of Fun – XCAR

This video really needs no introduction; three of the greatest cars Ford has ever made. And the only reason they exist is because Ford wanted to – for want of a better phrase – piss off Enzo Ferrari.

Walter Röhrl frightens a lady in an Audi S3

Y’know how when you decide to drive a little bit, er, enthusiastically when there’s someone in the passenger seat and they begin to quietly whimper, then grab handles tightly before eventually shouting at you? Well, as it turns out, when you’re two-time world rally champion, Walter Röhrl, the whole shouting part just doesn’t happen.

Russian man breakdances while refueling

While filling your car up at the petrol station have you ever thought ‘hey, you know what, I’m going to do some breakdancing now while my Lada estate has a drink’? Us neither. But this guy has, and he’s pretty awesome!

Chevy Camaro Z28 Tested Against Mustang Boss 302

You know how there’s a massive rivalry between Ford and General Motors? Of course you do. Well, Chevy reckon they’re literally miles ahead of Ford’s best Mustang with the new Z28 Camaro – Mustang fan boys, you may want to look away, this is a tad embarrassing.

A completely mad Honda S2000 review

The name of the channel that made this video is called ‘Regular Car Reviews’. But, really, if we’re honest, these car reviews are anything but ‘regular’. In this Honda S2000 review the guy goes moderately insane discussing how the S2000 will make your girlfriend totally irrelevant. It’s hilarious! In a kind of nutty way.

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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