How Car Enthusiasts Announce Their Baby News! (VIDEO)

How Car Enthusiasts Announce Their Baby News! (VIDEO)

Car enthusiast Mehrdad Zarifkar made an extra special baby announcement with his BMW M5 short film. Enjoy!

How would you announce to friends and family that you’re expecting a baby? It’s a pretty exciting and nerve wracking time and most people would simply call their parents or text their friends. However, one creative couple have gone a step further and have created a film to announce their happy news.

It’s not any old video. It features the couple’s (Mehrdad and Tiffany Zarifkar) BMW M5 and is a real tribute to the BMW Films. It uses a few clips from The Hire, taken from the scene where Clive Owen’s The Driver takes Madonna on a high speed race around town.

Cars mean a lot to the couple. Mehrdad is a big BMW fan and has owned a few great models, including an E34 525i and an E30 318is. He also introduced his wife to The Transporter and The Hire when they first started dating, which inspired this film. It took 2 days to film and they posted it on Facebook to share their news. 

Check the video out below! Pretty cool parents!

Written by Lewis Shaw

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