Top Viral Car Videos Of The Week – Episode 32

Top Viral Car Videos Of The Week – Episode 32

In this week’s Carhoots top ‘viral’ car videos; the Ferrari 458 Speciale gets drifted, XCAR farewell the manual geabox by driving a special Porsche 911 GT3, Chris Harris drives a McLaren 12C race car, LaFerrari shouts a bit, and Ken Block does his thing.

Ferrari 458 Speciale tested on the limit – is this the world’s best supercar?

The Ferrari 458 was already a jaw-droppingly brilliant supercar. Stunning looks, plenty of fire power, amazing dynamics and that little bit of special sauce that only the Italians know how to do. But, if you want your 458 drowning in special sauce then what you need is the aptly named 458 ‘Speciale’. It likes to go sideways. 

Porsche 997 911 GT3: The Manual Gearbox’s Last Gasp

It’s been coming for a while now, the death of the manual gearbox. You could argue that cars like the 911 GT3 and others that are offered solely with three pedals and a stick are what have been keeping the manual afloat. But now that those cars (911 GT3 and Clio RS) swap gears themselves and don’t even have a proper manual option, the old fashioned gearbox that us petrol heads love is in real strife.

McLaren 12C GT3 Race Car. Carbon Dreams. — /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

Take the already enormously capable McLaren 12C, remove unnecessary luxuries, add roll cage, more aero, F1-style steering wheel, sequential gearbox, beefier brakes and slick tyres, then, interestingly, detune the engine to fit GT3 racing regulations, and what you have is the 12C GT3 racecar. And it’s flippin’ fast.

LaFerrari Hypercar On Track

You know the specs, 950hp, 1300kgs, utterly biblical performance. What you mightn’t know about the The Ferrari is just how awesome that 6.3liter naturally aspirated V12 sounds wound right out to 9000rpm… This is that.

Ken Block’s Gymkhana 6

You didn’t think we had forgotten about Mr. Block’s latest hoon video, did you? You’ve probably seen it by now, but would you really not watch it more than once? Really? 

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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