Top Viral Car Videos Of The Week – Episode 33

Top Viral Car Videos Of The Week – Episode 33

In this week’s Carhoots top ‘viral’ car videos; Chris Harris racing at the Goodwood Revival, the Ferrari F12 in a 200mph drag race, XCAR drive the nutty Astra VXR, and the NISMO GT-R attacks the Nurburgring.

The Goodwood Revival RAC TT2013, in a Lister Jaguar Coupe. CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

What a cool event the Goodwood Revival is. Bring along your classic motor, pop on some racing overalls, and drive said classic motor in a race where some of the competing machinery is worth well in excess of seven figures, sometimes even eight. Check out Chris Harris driving a stunning, one-off Lister Jaguar Coupe at this year’s race.

200mph drag race: Ferrari F12 Berlinetta vs Porsche 911 Turbo S vs Mercedes SLS Black Series

We know the Ferrari F12 is fast, we know it loves to eat tyres for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but what can it do in a drag race against its two fiercest rivals, the SLS Black Series and 911 Turbo S?

Hint: above 100mph the F12 just strolls away from the other two like they’re diesel Golfs.

Vauxhall Astra VXR: Boring It Ain’t

Vauxhall has an interesting history when it comes to making high performance front wheel drive cars. Some might remember that perilous Vectra VXR that just plowed on forwards when ever you turned the steering wheel, and the old Astra VXR would just about rip your arms out of their sockets when the engine got on boost, torque steering down the road like a complete nutter. This new Astra VXR is still unquestionably nuts, but not in the scary way that the old car was. And that’s good.

Jaguar’s ridiculously beautiful F-Type Coupe is angry

By now you’ve surely seen the new F-Type Coupe, it’s pretty much sent the entire Internet into a daze with it’s phenomenally good looks, even though the car was pretty much shown two years ago… Anyway, this is the production version and it sounds like it’s ingested a bear. And a lion.

Michael Krumm Attacks Nürburgring in a Nissan GT-R NISMO

The standard Nissan GT-R is breathtakingly fast. It’ll sprint from zero to 62mph in 2.8 seconds, and in the process rearrange your face and stomach. The GT-R eats Porsches and Audis and BMWs and whatever car you care to mention for breakfast. Now there’s a faster version, and this isn’t another one of those tiny tweaks that Mr. Mizuno San gives the GT-R every year, this is a full overhall completed by Nissan’s racing division, NISMO. This is the NISMO GT-R, and here it is gobbling up the Nurburgring in 7:08.68. For reference, the new 911 GT3 laps the track in around 7:25.0

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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