Rickie Fowler’s New 66 Mini Cooper and 5 Other Golfers Cars! (PHOTOS)

Rickie Fowler's New 66 Mini Cooper and 5 Other Golfers Cars! (PHOTOS)

Golfer Rickie Fowler is known for his flamboyant golf attire on the course and he is taking the same style to the roads with his latest car, the 1966 Mini Cooper in Matte Black.

Rickie took his new ride out for a spin this weekend and uploaded this photo to Instagram to let us know. This inspired us to delve a little deeper into the world of Golfers and their cars.

Check them out below…

Bubba Watson – General Lee:

In January 2012, Bubba Watson happily tweeted this photo and informed his followers that he’d successfully purchased the General Lee from “Dukes of Hazzard” at an auction for $110,000

Ian Poulter – Ferrari FF

Poulter tweeted these photos from the unveiling in Pebble Beach on Saturday. “@IanJamesPoulter: The full view of the FF. It keeps getting better the more you look.”

Tiger Woods – Porsche Carrera GT

Tiger Woods isn’t quite as quick to showoff his cars to the world as much as the likes of Poulter and Fowler and if you do a search for his cars you will be bombarded with his SUV that was infamously wrapped around a tree during his split with his wife, but he does drive around in this Porsche Carrera GT.

Stuart Appleby – Lamborghini

Not the biggest or famous golfer on this list, but Appleby’s cheeky Lamborghini just goes to show what a lucrative sport these guys are in.

Rory Mcilroy – Bugatti Veyron

Rory Mcilroy hit the top of the golf rankings in 2012 and with a new endorsement deal with Nike he celebrated with a $2million Bugatti! 

Rickie Fowler – Mini Cooper 66


Don’t be fooled by this short list though, these guys have garages that we can only dream of. Just to give you an idea, here are some snaps of Ian Poulter’s and Ricki Fowler’s garages…

This is Fowlers garage which shows his custom Porsche 911 Turbo and Nissan GT-R.

Ian Poulters collection is so big that he actually has a car lift in his garage…

Not a bad life they have is it!

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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