If Built – The Red Bull X2014 May Be The Fastest Car EVER!

Take the best Formula 1 designer in the world and ask him to build a car with no restrictions whatsoever. The Red Bull X2014 is born…

This is the new concept from Red Bull, the X2014 built by F1 designer Adrian Newey.

His previous designs have been the RedBull X2010 and the second was the follow-up X2011, which recorded a frightlnly fast 3:10 Nurburgring lap time in Gran Turismo 5, which is as closest simulation to real life racing.

The Red Bull X2014 will appear in the Gran Turismo 6 “X Challenge” game mode. No details have been released on the speed but if the last one is anything to go by this could well be the fastest car in the Gran Turismo franchise and the fastest on the planet if it was ever to be built. 

Oh, Lord we hope Red Bull build it!

The previous RedBull X2010



Red Bull X2011


Written by Lewis Shaw

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