This Is THE Scariest Commercial Ever! Japanese Tyre Ad Even Comes With Disclaimer and Health Warning (VIDEO)

A Japanese tyre company has come up with a novel way of getting viewers to stand up and pay attention to their adverts – by creating the scariest commercial we have ever seen!

Apparently this unconventional ad aims to show customers how well their tyres work in unexpected conditions. We can’t argue that great tyres would be a boost if we were to be in this position, but a new pair of pants would be welcomed too.

Genius marketing or too scary to actually realise what the hell is going on? Take a look for yourself. Turn up the volume so you can hear the low quality audio and enjoy! Go on we dare you.

Oh yeh, one last thing… Here is the disclaimer from the company themselves:

“Not for the faint of heart. Please refrain from watching the content if any of the following applies to you: – Have any mental or physical health concern and may have to see a doctor regularly. We shall not be liable for any injuries, illness, and damages claimed to be caused by watching the contents.”

LOL! Check it out…

How do you feel after that? Have you seen any scarier commercial?

Let us know and make sure you scare the sh*t out of your friends and family by sharing it on facebook and twitter below!

Written by Lewis Shaw

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