McLarens Special Operations 12C Concept Car (PHOTOS)

The Mclaren P1 is arguably one of the finest cars on the planet, but that doesn’t stop Mclaren’s Special Operations team from coming up with special one-off concept cars demonstrating the level of personalisation that McLaren offers.

The MSO have today released images of the their latest concept supercar on Mclaren Automotive’s official facebook page. Here is what they had to say, and check out the incredible images below:

“McLaren Special Operations provides a bespoke engineering service to those wishing to make their McLaren even more distinctive.

The MSO 12C Concept is packed full of bespoke features including a revised bonnet, front wing louvres, rear wing vents, a unique Airbrake and a new roof featuring an integrated snorkel channelling air to the engine.

These revisions are all crafted in lightweight carbon fibre. Titanium wheel bolts, along with oil and water filler caps, shed further weight from the already light 12C.

The interior gains more carbon fibre upgrades in the form of body colour switch packs and bezels. These are complemented by a new carbon fibre instrument cluster with integrated shift lights.

The keen-eyed amongst you will also notice that the Light Weight Wheels have been diamond cut in a new design.

So, what would you have MSO produce?”

Via: Mclaren Facebook




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Written by Lewis Shaw

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