This Tuerck’d Drift Video Is Insanely Cool (Video)

This Tuerck’d drift video will literally have you staring at your computer in awe of the .

We like drifting. Drifting is an art form, cars dance along the road with smoke pouring off the rear tyres as the drivers essentially control a car that is, well, out of control. To drift from corner to corner smoothly takes a lot of skill, and probably balls the size of melons.

Ryan Tuerck is the Drift King, and in this video he tests a new turbo that has been fitted to his 828hp GT86/FR-S. Seems like a legitimate excuse to shag some tyres on a stunning squiggle of tarmac located somewhere in Oregon, USA, right? And why not bring along a few GoPro cameras to capture the hooliganism? The results are just extraordinary. No Hollywood, no gorillas standing on ladders or Lamborghini police cars, just eight-hundred horsepowers worth of rear wheel drive goodness, plus masses of elegant oversteer and tyre shredery. Take a look at the video below…

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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