Watch The Dumbest Police Chase Ever! (VIDEO)

Drinking and driving is not cool! Especially when you try and think you can get away from the cops in your plastered state.

Sally E. Kurgis took the cops on a wild drink fuelled chase in the early hours of Thanksgiving morning. This chase involved running a red light in front of the police, taking them on a crazy chase and then ramming their car on her OWN driveway while trying to get away. Genius eh?

Kurgis is now facing nine charges including felonious assault, failure to stop after a crash, failure to comply, resisting a traffic enforcement official and not forgetting reckless operation of a motor vehicle.

Jalopnik point out what makes this incident more funny is that,

“…the incident is hilariously ironic considering her dad is an attorney mildly famous for suing people responsible for distracted driving wrecks.”

We wish we were making this up! Watch the video below to see the full extent of the chase…

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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