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Watch The Super ‘Police’ Cars Of Dubai Take To The Road (VIDEO)

Remember the awesome super cars of the Dubai police force? Well after previously bringing you images we now the Lamborghini, Bentley, SLS and co in video action!

Leaving their resting grounds in the Dubai Supercar Show trade center the cars treated onlookers to a rev of the engine and a flash of their lights of course.

First up is the Brabus B63S, dropping off its stand and heading out, before the Lamborghini Aventador squeezes out the door and of down the road. Then we have the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and Bentley Continental GT. 

The Dubai Police Supercar effort has been part of raising awareness for Expo 2020 as Dubai was a candidate host city. The good news is that they have won the vote and will be hosting the Expo.

Check them out…

Written by Lewis Shaw

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