Awesome BMW M235i Racing Hits The Race Track (VIDEO)

BMW Motorsport shows off its latest customer racing car in an awesome new video – does it hint at a possible M2 model? 

Despite cold and miserable conditions BMW have rolled out their new M235i customer racing car for some skidding about, sorry, promotional videography. The racing version of the M235i features a limited slip differential (which you can option on the road car), wider front and rear tracks, flared wheel arches, revised suspension components, plus a roll cage, race seats with harnesses and all of the electrical safety gubbins that you need to compete in motorsports. All of this hot metal will set you back 59,500 Euros ($83,539 at today’s exchange rate), which does sound rather expensive, but for a fully-fledged racing car, it isn’t really. In fact BMW are calling this car ‘affordable’.

Most interestingly though, is that if you ever needed proof that BMW would eventually build an M2 variant of the new 2 Series, surely it’s this car. Flared wheel arches, meaner wheels, racier exhaust, and stiffer suspension – just chuck those bits on the M235i road car, increase the boost on the turbo motor a little and there you go, M2 in the bag. Simples.  

Check out the video below which shows the BMW M235i Racing skating about like an excitable little dog. 

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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