See Why It Isn’t The Best Idea To Go Driving Alone In The Australian Outback (PHOTOS)

If any of you have a drive through Australia’s outback on your ‘things to do before you die’ list, we suggest you probably save it until last, you’ll understand after seeing this post!

Images were uploaded onto imgur by one lucky man who flipped his Hilux while driving through the outback with his dog. We say lucky because, although the man had a 12 hour wait before being rescued, that wait could have been a hell of a lot longer! 

The outback is one of the most vast and remote areas on earth. Besides a handful of tourist spots spread across the whole of Australia you’re not likely to see much life other than the wild dingos and Kangeroos. That 12 hour wait therefore could have easily turned into 2,3,4 days and maybe even a week.

The guy says he took a corner too fast before his wheels got caught in the soft sand causing him to flip. Check out the images. This is one lucky guy…

End of the road in the middle of nowhere!!
Seriously… the middle of nowhere!
 Lucky Andy…
And luck JB was all gooood too!! 

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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