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Cop Car Crashes Into Ferrari 458 Spider (VIDEO)

A policeman crashes into a bright yellow Ferrari 458 Spider in London. A crowd gathers and laughs. How embarrassing…

Awkwarddd… Crashing your car is embarrassing enough, I for one can’t help but form the shape of an ‘L’ on my forehead whenever I drive past a car that’s clearly been in a bit of a bingle, signalling helpfully that the person who caused the accident is in fact a loser. I presume this is standard proceder. I even have a quiet chuckle to myself and wonder, ‘how hopeless must you be to become involved in this accident?’ Just the other day I saw a young lady drive the wrong way down a one way road, causing a head on collision. Fortunately the two cars were doing little more than 20mph when the accident occurred, so I could make fun of the driver knowing that she wasn’t seriously injured.

Anyway, just imagine the embarrassment and the number of people making ‘L’ shapes on their foreheads when a policeman crashes his car. Then add a bright yellow, crunched Ferrari 458 Spider and lots of flashing lights into the picture. And a crowd of entertained onlookers. With camera phones. Yep, this cop has crashed the BMW 5 Series squad car into a Ferrari and a crowd has gathered. Surely it would be a good idea to turn the attention-grabbing flashing lights off…?

Check out the video…

We feel sorry for the chap who has to explain this to his boss…. Awkward.

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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