Funny London Cops Show Off To Supercar Owners (VIDEO)

Watch this funny video which shows some cops showing off to London supercar owners.

Luxury Supercars and Hypercars cruising the streets of London are a common site nowadays. More than often the booming V8 and V12 engines are too much for the residents living there. That’s when the Police turn up and it’s not normally a laughing matter.

Once in a while that rare cop comes along who doesn’t take his job too seriously as Paul Wallace from the SuperCarsofLondon explains:

“This time we are on a supercar cruise in London, doing what supercars do best! Making noise and enjoying the power! Then we get the police’s attention and eventually 2 police bikes want to know what we’re up to…They then are keen to show off what they can bring to the supercar party and rev up their engines and show off their blue lights!”

Watch the video above and see if it changes your opinion of the Police:

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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