Say It Ain’t So! Justin Bieber Rumoured To Replace Paul Walker For Fast & Furious 7 (VIDEO)

The tragic death of Paul Walker has sparked a media frenzy as to who (if anybody) is going to replace Walker in the up coming Fast and the Furious 7 movie.  While rumors have been sparked that Walkers character will be retired, there are dubious rumors flying around saying Walker will be replaced by Justin Bieber! GASP!!

We say dubious rumors because we don’t know where the original source came from. The guys over at Carbuzz mentioned Bieber could be in line but no source was given to where that was heard. And apparently it is pretty quiet in Hollywood too. It sounds like complete BS and we freaking hope it stays that way!!

This fake trailer featuring Bieber was released earlier this summer (prior to Walkers death) amid further rumors the Canadian singer was going to be part of the movie.

What do you guys think? Do you believe it?

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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