The New Lamborghini Cabrera Spy Shots (PHOTOS)


It’s Supercar stalking time guys! Todays target… The New Lamborghini Cabrera! The new Lambo has been spotted on the test track. Check it out…

The Cabrera is set to be the successor of the Gallardo which stopped in production in November. The car will be slightly longer than the Gallardo but it will be lighter at 1500kg, and it’s jet fighter style appearance with is creased angled wedge looks as mean as ever!

Behind the passenger compartment is a reworked version of the Gallardo’s 5.2-liter naturally-breathing V10 that could develop as much as 600-horses, which combined with the reduction in weight, will improve the supercar’s acceleration figures. Wowser!

Visit here for more photos.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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