Comedian Bakes iPhone Cookies To Prank Cops Into Pulling Him Over (VIDEO)

Iphone Cookie Prank

Iphone Cookie Prank
Funny man Randy Liedtke came up with a genius ‘iPhone Cookie’ prank to piss off the long arm of the law.

His prank involved baking some iPhone shaped cookies (rather well!) and then drive around pretending to talk to them and see if any officers would pull him over. Naturally it worked as you can see from his hilarious twitter trail below. 

Now this prank has split all my friends opinions – 50/50 down the line! Some think this guy is an absolute legend and a bit of light hearted fun. Others take the opposite view, that this man is an blooming idiot for wasting precious police time. 

Let us know your view on the ‘iPhone Cookie’ story in the comments below….

Randy Liedtke’s ‘iPhone Cookie’ Twitter Story

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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