Never Refuse To Move Your Car Or This Might Happen…. (PHOTOS)

Why you should move your car when asked!

This car dealer’s VW Caddy became a lasting addition to the sidewalk after refusing to move it.

When the car dealer selling this Volkswagen Caddy in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, refused to move it for the construction of a new sidewalk, things quickly escalated…

According to a towing firm wouldn’t remove the vehicle as technically it wasn’t parked illegally due to the pavement not being present at the time. 


Thinking he was still in the right, the car dealer still refused to move. In true fashion the burly workers completed work anyway, leaving the Caddy permanently concreted in the sidewalk. Clearly ‘no shits’ were given that day!

Word is that the Caddy is still there and now a tourist attraction!

Hat tip to CarThrottle for the article inspiration!

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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