The WoKart Is The Go-Kart On Water That You Always Wanted (VIDEO)

Wokart GoKart On Water

We love go-karts. They are the closest thing us normal guys get to being able to legally race around racing track without any care for rules! So when we saw that there is a go-kart than can go on water, we got more than a little excited.

WoKart are the company who are making this happen. It was introduced last year and designed by Dr. Theo Christen. (What a guy!). The unique thing about this watercraft, besides its shape, is the fact that the motor is mid-mounted so you won’t have to worry about flipping over while turning, given its light wight.

The 70 horsepower motor can get the WoKart up to 46 mph, which is great for a small, lightweight watercraft. There are also additional upgrades available for those looking to go faster.

The single-seater features a $27,400 price tag, so if you have bags of money this will be toy to make your other rich friends envious of while us mere mortals can only dream of how god damn cool it would be to ride one of these!




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Written by Lewis Shaw

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