What Makes a Good Hatchback?

Everyone has a different requirement from their car, whether they want something that is cheap and cheerful, economical or luxurious. Their requirements often dictate the kind of car they purchase, and small hatchbacks are among the most popular models sold each year, going some way to explaining how trends are changing.

Since the economy took a hit, people have been downsizing their cars from the more luxurious, to the efficient and more cost-effective, and dealerships like have been inundated with customers who might never have driven a hatchback previously but are now looking to find something that is safe, reliable and friendly on the bank account. The thing is, these first-time hatchback buyers don’t necessarily know what to look for in terms of a good model. They might be so used to looking for something with leather, heated seats and all of the luxuries that they have no idea on what is a good quality small hatchback and what they should be avoiding.

Such is the demand for small hatchbacks, manufacturers have started developing more models than ever before and the market is being filled by models from right across the globe with offerings from the likes of Ford, Kia, Mazda and Seat to name just a few.

In terms of what you should be looking out for, one of the major advantages is in terms of tax because many engines have been adapted to produce fewer carbon dioxide emissions than ever before, allowing them to fall under completely different tax laws in the UK. Since extra emphasis has been placed on reducing the amount of emissions to try and help the environment, vehicles have been place in thirteen different categories, with those with the least emissions put in band A, and those with the most in band M. The fewer the emissions, the less it costs in terms of annual tax with band A costing absolutely nothing, so pay attention to the emissions in the information about the car you’re looking at.

Visibility is another important factor in the decision. Just because the car itself is smaller, doesn’t mean it is necessarily easier to see out of. Many people choose hatchbacks because they are easier to manoeuvre and park than the larger models, yet some designs have made rear windows seem relatively pointless by placing spoilers across the middle of the glass, or making them so high in the bodywork that drivers can’t see the road. If you’re looking for a model that makes parking and urban driving simpler, make sure that you have perfect visibility with a large, clear rear window.

The price is also important. If you’re downgrading your car to a smaller model, or even if you’re just looking to buy a new car – either a used or brand new model – you don’t want to be paying more than you have to, especially with the cost of fuel only going upwards. Make sure that you shop around and compare similar models to ensure that you’re getting the best all-round package for your money with as many added benefits as possible (without going over the top with the novelty additions) and the best driving experience.

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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