Dude Where’s My Driver? Driverless Cars May Be The Future But Not Quite Like This! (VIDEO)

Driverless cars are all the rage in the tech world but this ghostly Buick drives itself down the highway in a snow storm! That’s just spooky!

Years ago, General Motors used Buick cars to test out the idea of a “smart highway” concept. More recently, GM has been talking up its award-winning Super Cruise semi-autonomous technology that will roll out with Cadillac and make its way to Buick. 

The LeSabre in the video above has nothing to do with any of that.

On Interstate 15 in Utah, a man driving this LeSabre got into an accident that rearranged the front end and set the horn on permanent blare. At the time of writing this, no one is sure what happened next, but the man ended up sitting in the snow in the highway median while his car carried on down the highway without him.

Passing traffic stayed well to the right.

The 51-second video below provides a different take on our autonomous future. A local newscast on KUTV covered the story the evening of the incident, but the Utah Highway Patrol didn’t have any update on the fate of the LeSabre. We’ll take that to mean that Buick’s take on Christine could still be out on the prowl… so watch out!

Via: AutoBlog

Written by Lewis Shaw

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