New Civic Tourer Prices Announced By Honda

Honda Civic Tourer

Honda Civic Tourer

The new model of Honda’s ever popular Civic Tourer will be
available to order from British dealerships from the start of December 2013.
These first orders will be ready for their new owners by the following
February. Honda announced in late November that prices will begin from a modest
£20,265 on the road. That is the price for the entry level 1.8 i-VTEC S model.
A top of the range 1.8 i-VTEC EX Plus will set you back £26,250.

Designed and developed in Europe for the local market, the
Civic Tourer has distinctively designed style touches and plenty of advanced
technology in what remains a versatile and practical vehicle. For example, it offers
no less than 624 litres of storage capacity. In an impressive balance between
fuel efficiency and performance, the British built petrol version is also a
green choice with carbon
at only 149 grams per km. For those car buyers who are interested
in the on-costs of motoring – not just the capital outlay – the car’s impressively
efficient 45.56 mpg of combined cycle motoring will be of interest, too.

There are two engine choices that Honda offers for the
Tourer range. Along with the petrol version there is a 1.6 i-DTEC diesel, too.
Honda says that its newly produced 1.6 diesel is a bit of a game changer and
have even fitted it into their SUV, the well established CR-V, too. Utilising
what they call Earth Dreams Technology, the 1.6 i-DTEC makes for a car with extremely
low running costs. In a Civic you can expect 74.3 mpg on the open road. Add to
that statistic a through-the-floor 99 grams per km of CO2 emissions and you
have an extremely cost-effective car to run. But what of the upfront cost?
Honda’s entry level diesel version is the 1.6 i-DTEC S which is priced at
£21,375 on the road. Compare that to the top of the line 1.6 i-DTEC EX Plus
which has a price point at £27,460 – although it should be said that this version
has a slightly higher carbon emission rating than the basic model.

Making comparisons between the four diesels and four petrol
variants in the Civic Tourer range is one thing. However, Honda is so confident
that its pricing works out favourably with similarly specified cars from other
car makers that it provides a
car comparator
for anyone to use and work out the lifetime costs of the
vehicle. All you have to do is enter the details of the Honda you are
considering purchasing and up to four other vehicles. You are then able to see
how much you are likely to spend over the next two to five years and can even
adjust your expected mileage to make the process as accurate as possible.

There is little doubt that the Civic Tourer is aimed at the
family car market and, as you might expect, it is therefore crammed with safety
features. This includes a new suite of sensors providing active safety systems using
all sorts of technology to monitor the vehicle. For example, a new Civic will
use a combination of cameras, short
range laser-radar
and conventional radar to keep the driver motoring safely
in all road conditions. There is even a new ‘Driver Assistance Safety Pack’
which includes a ‘City Brake Active System’ that is designed to avoid low speed
accidents in town. It also features a system that helps to identify road traffic
signs and another which deploys a warning if you stray out of your lane. This
pack is available for the SE models and above as a factory option which is
sensibly priced at just £780.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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