NY Cops Tell This Guy It Is Illegal To Wash His Car In His Own Driveway! WTF! (VIDEO)

Illegal to wash your car on your own driveway?

You can’t wash your car on your own driveway? Seriously, who comes up with these kinds of laws?

This New Yorker was left baffled after neighbours complained that he was washing his car in a public place which consequently saw a police officer threaten him with a ticket for doing so! The only things is… the guy was washing his own car on his own drive!!

YouTube user “JokRKidd” recorded the whole thing as the officer approached them on the driveway.

When they see the cop, they ask him, “What’s the problem officer?” to which he replies, “The problem is that your neighbor doesn’t like you”. According to the cop, it is illegal to wash motor vehicles in a public area, and the man’s driveway is considered as such.

We don’t quite know where they are and if they are actually in violation of any laws but if so… that’s crazy!

Written by Lewis Shaw

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