Raff House and Mansory Tease Soccer Coach Jose Mourinho’s New Supercar

Jose Mourinho's Supercar

Jose Mourinho's Supercar

Chelsea FC Soccer Coach Jose Mourinho calls himself the ‘special one’ and judging by the fact Russia’s Raff House are making him his very own Supercar, he really must be!

Raff House have collaborated with renowned German tuner Masonary who will lend their experience and technical know how to create an exclusive masterpiece aptly named ‘Raff House Mourinho Supercar’ –

“José ‘Special One’ Mourinho – of Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid fame, now back at Stamford Bridge for a second stint in London with the ‘blues’) stated in the past he had always dreamed of a car that would combine the features of a Ferrari with those as an Aston Martin, with a powerful engine mated to top-notch style and comfort. Raff House – acompany that usually deals with exclusive watches and jewelry – has taken up that challenge and decided to create the sort of car that Mourinho was waiting for. To do this, they asked for the help of German tuning house Mansory, surely one of the best known names in the business (whose jaw-dropping creations have often graced these pages).

Mansory basically took care of much of the technical development, building a slew of special bits entirely made of carbon fiber. This means the Mourinho Supercar will be pretty light and come with unique looks. The image above of its rear end is all we have for now, enough to appreciate the full carbon fiber bodywork, the large air-outlets, the tapered lights and that huge central diffuser. It is unclear whether the car will be the evolution of an existing model or something built from the ground up, but we know Raff House will build just 11 of these Mourinho Supercars, the first one of which will obviously be delivered to the man himself. As for now, no word on price and technical specs except for the power, which will be in the 750 hp region. It will be launched at some point in 2014.”
via: EuroCarBlog


Written by Lewis Shaw

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