This Guy Is The Aussie Drift King (VIDEO)

Watch this Aussie Drift King tear up the track and street in a modified Nissan S13 Silvia.

Australia’s auto industry may be mostly ruined with the recent announcements stating that both Ford and Holden will close their Aussie manufacturing facilities in 2016. But the kangaroo country’s car culture is arguably more alive than ever before. Walk down any Australian street and you’ll find a poorly modified Holden Commodore wearing Chevy badges for instance. And on average half of the V8 Holdens roaming Aussie streets have rumbley, burbley custom exhausts poking out from their rear bumpers. And lets not forget the number of southern star cross stickers on rear windows, a common staple of bogan (the Aussie term for ‘chav’) culture.

This Aussie chap’s car isn’t a Holden Commodore. And it hasn’t got any of the aforementioned modifications. It’s a very Japanese Nissan S13 Silvia, it’s slammed into the ground, it has a set of wicked cool deep dish rims, a worked motor, and a chassis tuned to go really, really sideways. What ever his name is, he is Australia’s drift king. Here he is tearing it up, on track and on road.

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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