BMW Shows Off Its New M235i Racing Car

M235i gets the BMW Customer Motorsport treatment. Result: awesome racing car.

BMW has built a new racing car. It’s appropriately named the M235i Racing, and it is wicked cool. Cooler in fact than George Clooney wearing a tux. Almost. The reason it’s so cool is quite simple, BMW have taken the already very powerful and track-honed M235i road car, then fed it lots of steroids. Now, lets make something clear, steroids are not cool, OK? But, massively flared wheel arches, dirty carbon splitters, cooling ducts and stickers, like those that the M235i has grown, are all very cool.

Beneath the metal is the same 333hp 3.0liter turbo six that you’ll find in the M235i road car, but here it’s hooked up to a limited slip differential (which is an option on the road-going M235i). And because racing cars don’t have to adhere to strict NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) regulations the M235i Racing gets a new exhaust system and race-spec catalytic converters, plus a roll cage, race seats and harnesses, a new steering wheel with paddle shifters and a motorsport spec fuel cell.

All of the suspension bits have been fiddled with as well. The M235i Racing features KW dampers, H&R springs, plus thicker H&R anti-roll bars to generate more grip. The Racing also comes with beefed up brakes; four-pot calipers up front, two-pots out the back.

Naturally, you want this car. The M235i Racing will cost 59,500 Euros when it goes on sale. Now that might sound quite pricey for something that isn’t street legal and doesn’t feature any luxuries like sat-nav or even a radio, but for a factory built racing car, it’s not half bad at all. We might even call it good value… Now BMW, can you please build a street legal version with that rowdy body kit and all the suspension goodies?

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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