Jerry Seinfeld & Acura’s Vision For The Future Of Car Advertising Is… ‘Different’ (VIDEO)

Jerry Seinfeld Acura Commercials

Jerry Seinfeld Acura Commercials
Car advertising has been all about class and style in recent years but don’t we need something more than that now? Well Acura and Jerry Seinfeld know it and we like it!

We have seen it in the recent Dodge campaign with Ron Burgundy and Acura and Seinfeld are going the same way to promote their cars and their shows. It seems like a partnership made in heaven as Seinfeld’s ‘Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee’ is sponsored by Acura, and for the upcoming season that premieres on January 2nd, he got the opportunity to have a big say in what ads run before and after his show.

Last season, there was strange product placement and classic Acura ads, this season we seem to have Mad Men thrust right into the 21st century. It mixes the cool retro theme with a spoof like humorous slant on the old skool ads and lameness of 21st century car commercials. It’s fresh, it’s different and it’s interesting.

We just might be seeing the start of a new kind of Car commercials. Check out the 6 classic ads that make the modern but boring Acura cars interesting! Well done Seinfeld!

Written by Lewis Shaw

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