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No Justice In Russia As Police Don’t Give A Damn About A Hit & Run (VIDEO)

You have to feel bad for Russians. Not only do they all have to use dashcams to record any potential mishaps from the crazy drivers and to prove things to the terrible insurance system, but they also have a police force who don’t give a damn about helping them. What chance do they have?

Sure, all countries have lame systems, dodgy laws and idle police but this footage of a witness desperately gesturing to a pulled over police car to get some help after a hit and run is just sad.

It came after the black Lada Granta driver who comes into view of the dash cam out of nowhere (from the right side), hits both the camera car and a white Subaru Impreza.

Then, as the two drivers get out to assess the damage, the instigator’s intentions become clear, as he wrestles the wheel to get his sub-Logan sedan out of there and not take responsibility for the mess.

He manages to do so, and immediately after his disappearance from the frame, the driver of the dash cam-equipped car rushes forward to ask for police assistance, from the cop car conveniently waiting up ahead.

Shame the police didn’t care…

via: Carscoops

Written by Lewis Shaw

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