Lamborghini Huracan Supercar Revealed

More revealing, official images of Lamborghini’s brand new Huracan supercar hit the web along with some juicy details.

It’s here! At last, we have a successor to the Lamborghini Gallardo, the cool-guy in the junior supercar segment. The Gallardo was available with an old-school manual gearbox, it stuck with a big, loud V10 engine when everyone else went for eight cylinders, and it chose big cartoonish aerodynamic features over clever hidden active aero gizmos. Now Lambo have a new car to replace the ten-year-old Gallardo. They call it the Huracan. Or rather less exotically, LP610-4.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the new Lamborghini Huracan is the fact that it retains the Gallardo’s 5.2liter naturally aspirated V10 engine. Lambo’s big V10 is a musical instrument that sounds better the harder you work it. In the new car it produces a seriously substantial 610hp, Ferrari’s best 458 to date, the Speciale, musters up 597hp, while the McLaren 12C is punching out 620hp and a ridiculous amount of torque.

Like all recent Lambos, the Huracan uses a clever all-wheel-drive system to shuffle power back and forth between each axle to aid traction off the line. The gearbox is a seven-speed dual clutch automatic that you’ll find in the face lifted Audi R8 range. Zero to 62mph takes just 3.2 seconds, 0-124mph is dealt with in a smidge under ten seconds, and flat out the Huracan will do 201mph. It’s fast.

The exterior design is a mix of familiar shapes from both the Aventador and the Sesto Elemento. We like the way it looks. It isn’t as mental looking as an Aventador (not much is), there’s a more grown-up, matured look to the Huracan with its smoother lines.

The interior design has clearly been heavily influenced by things like fighter planes. And sharks. And other cool stuff. To start the engine you lift a red flap and push the starter button as if you’re firing a missile at an enemy aircraft. There are toggle switches littered throughout the cabin as well. The Huracan features a far more luxurious and modern cabin than that of the Gallardo; the displays are all digital, there’s leather on all of the surfaces, and the new layout creates a more open and ‘airy’ feeling inside.

The stunning Huracan will likely make its public debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show in March. Get your cheque book ready…

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BONUS: Now hear the Huracan start up….



Written by Lewis Shaw

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