Top 10 Viral Car Videos Of 2013 (VIDEO)

We’ve seen plenty of viral videos this year, a solid portion showed hopeless and drunk Russian drivers, but these are ten of our favorites.

It seems there’s a simple recipe for making a viral car-related video… You need a nice car, maybe a Ferrari of sort, and you need to drive that car at the absolute limit. You need to terrorize its tyres, make its engine scream, then add something else that’s cool into the video – maybe a pretty girl, or an energy drink company, or a man that can do the splits between two moving trucks….

So here they are, the hottest viral car videos of this year.

10) Killing Tires With a Ferrari F12 — /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

The title says it all really. 730hp V12 Ferrari chomping through five sets of tyres all for your viewing pleasure.

9) McLaren P1™ vs. the Nürburgring-Nordschleife

OK, so we still don’t know the McLaren P1’s Nurburgring lap time, but this video confirms a couple of things. One, the McLaren P1 is one ridiculously fast car, and two, the bloke who’s driving has balls of steel – he’s seriously pushing it.

8) Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle 3

Drifting cars are cool. Drifting motorcycles are potentially even cooler.

7) Ferrari F40 v Ferrari F50. Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

The Ferrari F40 and F50 are two of the greatest supercars ever made, and, providing you haven’t seen this video before, you won’t have seen the two driven like this before. And if you’ve seen this, would you really not watch it again?

6) Monster Energy: Ballistic B.J. Baldwin – #RECOIL

Energy drink company, girl, Nissan GT-R, ballistic trophy truck thing – this video has it all.

5) The Ferrari Enzo WRC

It takes a lot of bravery to treat a Ferrari Enzo like it’s a paddock basher. It takes even more bravery to film yourself doing just that and upload it to the internet. We’re glad the anonymous Tax The Rich person did it though, because the resulting video is quite awesome.

4) Nordschleife vs. Porsche 918 Spyder – 6:57

A lot of people had their doubts about the Porsche 918 Spyder. It’s too big, it’s too heavy, it shouldn’t be a hybrid, all of the naysayers claimed. This is the video that made them all shut up.

3) Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split feat. Van Damme

How is this even possible?

2) Pepsi MAX & Jeff Gordon Present: “Test Drive”

OK, so the whole video was staged, but it’s no less awesome because of it. Plus, it’s racked up a few views and easily qualifies for being a ‘viral’ car video.


What list of viral car videos would be complete without something from the master of viral car videos himself, Mr. Ken Block?

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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