A Closer Look At The First Arab Supercar, The ‘Lykan Hypersport’ (VIDEO)

The first Arab supercar - The LykanHypersport

The first Arab supercar - The LykanHypersport
A few weeks back we brought you an insight into the worlds first supercar from the middle east, the Lykan Hypersport. The first Arab supercar which was unveiled at the Dubai Motor show is set to have a ¢3.4 million price tag and just 7 of them will be made.

This has sparked some real hype around the car in the automotive world as we look for further insight into the next big supercar. Fortunately for us CrankandPiston have been lucky enough to have been speaking with Lebanon’s W Motors, who will be making the car, and they have made this awesome little video of W Motors exciting project!

Written by Lewis Shaw

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