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Egypt Is The ‘New Russia’ For Dash Cam Madness (VIDEO)

It turns out Russian driving is tame compared to the crazy driving in Eygpt. Watch the Egyptian dash cam madness here.

Each week we bring you the craziest videos and they all seem to come from Mother Russia. It seems like we’re picking on Russian drivers but the videos keep on coming and what do ya know they’re Russian.

Until now! A Russian ‘youtuber’ was so fed up of his country being alienated for their dash cam video’s he decided to make a video highlighting all the wrongs in another country and continent. That continent being Africa and the country Egypt. It turns out that driving in Egypt is truly hectic, chaotic and nerve-wrecking experience that made driving in Russia look like a walk in the park.

Watch the Egyptian madness unfold below:

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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