Terrorist In Chrysler 300 Is No Match For Aussie Riot Squad (VIDEO)

Watch an Aussie Riot Take On A Terrorist In A Chrysler outside NSW Parliament. Report:
A disgruntled 58-year old former taxi driver sparked a tense situation during a two-hour standoff outside the Parliament House in Sydney,Australia, on Friday, when he parked his whiteChrysler 300 and threatened to blow up the building by allegedly lighting two tanks with 20-liters of petrol on the passenger seat and another 19-liters in the boot.

Australian authorities took action and tactical operations officers smashed their way into his Chrysler apprehending the man, who has since been identified as Abdula Ganiji, with the entire scene playing on live television.

The Sydney Morning Herald said that Ganiji was protesting over a $200 fine he received…15 years and as it turns out, he had gone on a hunger strike outside the Parliament last year for the same reason, demanding at the time that Premier Barry O’Farrell launch a “full investigation” into a dispute he had with former employer Wollongong Radio Cabs.

Ganiji was refused bail during a court hearing on Saturday where it was revealed that police found a two-liter fruit juice container, fuel and a cigarette lighter in his car.

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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