The UK’s Boy Racer Scene Is Giving Petrolheads A Bad Name (VIDEO)

Boy racers have a certain stereotype which VICE, the documentary maker, challenge as they follow boy racersin Essex and Whitley Bay. The new film explores the car culture in the UK and investigates the boy racer scene which they say is ‘one of the most notorious and misunderstood youth subcultures of the last 30 years’.The film closely follows a group of young guys as they cruise the motorways and meet up in industrial estates to show off their wheels. However, it gives us a fresh perspective on the boy racers’ lifestyles.

Normally seen as trouble makers and dangerous drivers, the film delves deeper into the lives of the men and shows us what has pushed them into the scene. It concludes that unemployment and deprivation is the main reason, which gives us a little more understanding about their behaviour.

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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