Dubai Police Force Gains Another Supercar – A McLaren 12C

The Dubai Police Force has added a new supercar to its extensive fleet – the British McLaren 12c coupe. 

There must be a whole lot of baddies in Dubai. Fast baddies. Because, the Dubai police force has one of the speediest car collections in the world. The list of cop cars includes a Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari FF, Mercedes SLS AMG, Bentley Continental GT, Mercedes G63 AMG, Chevrolet Camaro, a BMW M6, and even a super rare Aston Martin One-77.

But it seems this fleet of super fast cars isn’t quite enough to prevent Dubai law-breakers from doing bad. So, how do we fix this Senior Constable? Buy another supercar, obviously. The latest addition to the Dubai force is a 616hp McLaren 12C Coupe. It does 0-62mph in about 3.1 seconds and well over 200mph. Try and outrun it at your peril.

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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