Russian Dashcams Just Turned Gangsta As Pissed Off Drug Lord Crashes and Shoots Porsche Cayenne Driver

Real Russian Dashcam movies

Russian Dashcams are entertaining, but this one is like a freaking movie. In fact, knowing that this is real makes it so much better than any movie. Check it out…

Scary stuff! The fact that you can only hear it all going in a ‘Blaire Witch’ type film is quite chilling.

The incident occurred in the city of Chelyabinsk on December 14 and was partially recorded on the dash-cam of the victim in the Porsche.

In the video, we see the unnamed driver of the Cayenne trying to run away from 47-year-old Stanislav Smelova who was riding a gunmetal grey-colored SUV. Smelova not only crashed the Porsche, but also fired his gun repeatedly at the driver wounding him and in the end, he smashed the Porsche’s windscreen.

Luckily, the victim survived, but if a report from Russian news agency URA is true, then lawlessness will take a new meaning as Smelova could actually end up off the hook, and we quote a Google Translation of the report:

“And now attention! “Bully” S.V.Smelov may qualify for an amnesty on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Constitution. Previous convictions may be redeemed, if not previously freed on parole, then entitled to pardon, for the most, “hooligan” Article 213 of the Criminal Code. And then Tyutyunnikov can safely re-shoot a rifle safely on the streets.”

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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