Seasons Greetings From Ford Europe (VIDEO)

Ford wishes you a merry christmas with a strangely entertaining Gymkhana 6-inspired Snowkhana 2 video…

Many people like to spread their festive cheer about the Internet during this time of year. Electronic greeting cards that make you want to stick pins in your eyes are always popular, for some bizarre reason. Automakers, thankfully, go beyond the stupid electronic card with the singing Santas and the defecating reindeer, many of them like to take advantage of the fact that lots of people have finished work for the year and therefore have lots of time to browse the Interwebs watching funny videos. Audi for example recently covered an A6 Saloon in red and green paint.

Now Ford of Europe has put together a short stop-motion video which mimics the driving antics from Ken Block’s newest video, Gymkhana 6. It’s called Snowkhana 2, and the concept was to create ‘the ultimate festive course’… You can see where this is going… The video features a mini Ken Block in a mini Ford Fiesta ST race car, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle thing, a mini Shelby Mustang GT350, Daft Vader and even the real Ken Block… Check it out.

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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