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2014 Super Bowl Ads? Audi Are Teasing Us Already… (VIDEO)

2014 Super Bowl Ads? Audi are teasing us already... (VIDEO)

2014 Super Bowl Ads? Audi are teasing us already... (VIDEO)

Audi has kicked off the SuperBowl frenzy with the brand’s likely ads for the 2014 Superbowl ads wars. Audi are teasing us already…

According to

“We haven’t confirmed this yet, but there’s a very strong possibility that the four fresh spots found on Audi’s YouTube page hidden from plain site (locked) could be the brand’s 2014 Super Bowl ads– it’s not uncommon for companies to release them early, and perhaps Audi is testing the waters online before it airs them on TV.”

They have launched a series of ads that puts the 2015 Audi A3 against other rival brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus declaring that the new A3 is the ‘only’ Sedan to buy this year.

Watch Audi’s likely 2014 Super Bowl Ads below and let us know your fave ad…

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Written by Lewis Shaw

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