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Road Rage Fail! This Russian Car Chase Will Have You Laughing Your Christmas Socks Off! (VIDEO)

The Funniest Russian Dashcam car chase ever

The Funniest Russian Dashcam car chase ever

We know we have often said that we have seen it all when it comes to Russian Dashcams, but you seriously can’t make this stuff up!

We see violence, we see terrible driving and now we have pure comedy. Like something out of wacky races these two jokers will have you rolling around the floor laughing. (Or ‘ROTFL’ as the kids say)

It appears that this is going to be violent. It involves a car chasing another with a guy holding a weapon which looks like a knife. But we assure you that it pure comedy than tragedy.

Check it out yourself. It is around the 3 minute mark when things get hilarious but watching the whole thing makes it so much better.

Written by Lewis Shaw

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